Hello, My name is Guerric Meurice de Dormale and


and I love coding, FPGA / ASIC, Microprocessors, Algorithms, cryptography and image processing.


Because it is difficult for today's companies to have all the skills in-house
and because you never are sheltered from a purchase order
I can offer you my 10-year expertise to solve your challenges in the following areas,
would it be for a few days or for months:

Project managment

System Architecture


With core competences in:

FPGA / ASIC Digital Design / Integration
Embedded Software design

And additionnal areas of interest:
Efficient Algorithms porting on CPU and GPU

Particularly knowledgable in the following areas:

(and eager to expand in new areas)
Image / Video acquisition / processing / compression
Cryptography / Security
Industrial Vision
Medical and Laboratory devices

Are you ready to start?

I'm currently available for freelance work.

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This is my story

  • 1979

    Hello World!

  • 1985

    I discover electricity

  • 1988

    I fall in love with analog electronic

  • 1992

    My first customer: basic alarm system

  • 1995

    I got new customers: distorsion guitar pedal,
    waveform generator for school lab

  • 1996

    I got another "big" customer:
    Full guitar amplifier + 6 sound effects

  • 1997

    I start Engineering study

  • 1999

    I co-found Web-Development: custom content management systems for websites

  • 2001

    I fall in love with digital electronic

  • 2003

    I got my Electronic Engineer degree

  • 2007

    I got my PhD in Microelectronic and cryptography

    Design / Spec of cryptographic IP-cores on FPGA

    Beautiful wedding with my wife Sarah

  • 2009

    We are now 3 at home: Welcome Achille!

  • 2012

    We are now 4 at home: Welcome Baptiste!

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Rue du Colombier, 16 • 1435 Hévillers • Belgium

+32 (0) 499 229806